• Srinvasan B.E (Head)– Planning, Designing and ExecutionSrinivasan

An accomplished civil engineer with extensive experience in construction of apartment, houses, schools etc. He started his career as design and project engineer at ASTRA Construction and due to his outstanding performance, he was elevated as a director of  a pvt ltd company named as Astra Gollden Housing Dev Pvt Ltd . Though Astra constructions later moved to Dubai offering him partnership, he remained in India due to his aspiration of starting a construction company here.

Thus emerged ” GEE GEE HOMES ” from ” VITHUN CONSTRUCTIONS”  formerly GEE GEE Constructions for serving the Indian People.

  • RamaSubramaniyan, Design Engineer

A leading and renowned legend for architectural design instilling a new life to the existing lifeless construction with his innovative ideas. Excellence of execution is his craft. He is a leader in incorporating latest technologies in every construction activity he involves.

  • A.MageshKumar, Project Consultant

A dynamic and irrepressible corporate leader shouldering the preparation of loan proporsals. He has ample experience in project negotiations, procurement, sign-offs and contract close-outs.

  • Prakash, Business Development

A debonair acting as a pillar supporting the entire business process with his exemplary services in the arear of market research, financial planning, facility management, sales and promotions thereby transforming every idea into action. He has a good expertise in coordinating unfathomable relationships with various multinational corporations.