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Our Valued Customers!

Dreaming of owning a House? Please leave the worry to us. We are there to make your dream a reality that too suiting to your purse!! Who are we? Ya, you’ve rightly recalled our construction company’s name, GEE GEE HOMES, which has already built around 1,00,000 sq.ft of dwelling units since 1995. We have a clients of nearly 250 happy families and the list keeps increasing day by day.

Our Aim/ Motto

  • Currently, our company is a proprietorship firm, with privateinvestors. We would like to convert it into private ltd compnay initially and later, to go public. Our ultimate aim is a “GLOBAL PRESENCE
  • We are also very much interested to develop residential dwelling by entering intoJOINT VENTURES with the property owners on mutually beneficial terms.

A Word of thanks from GEE GEE Homes

We take this opportunity to thank our present INVESTORS AND CUSTOMERS for their immense patronage and support which has enormously helped us to  rise to this level and keep our flag high.

A Word of appeal to new Customers and Investors

  • Please repose faith in us and lend us your support. We will certainly perform to your expectation

We are also very much interested to develop residential dwellings by entering into joint venture agreement with the property owners on mutually.


















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